Sk8 Mag 7yr Anniversary

Skate Magazine 7-year anniversary competition board This was a contest entry designed bard graphics for skatboard magazine 7 year anniversary. I did not win 🙁 I did have a blast designing this graphic though. Scope of this project includes: • A lot of digital drawing and painting in Illustrator and photoshop.

FM Cruise-IN

Kroger’s Fred Meyer Annual Car Show Event Each year Fred Meyer hosts an annual car show with attendees from all departments of the company. I was tasked with creating the event branding, all signage and tropy. Scope of this project includes: • Digital layout of all branding and event marketing • Trophy concept and design

Auto Classic LED

Auto Classic LED Website Design Auto Classic LED is an aftermarket automobile accessories company focused on producing LED products for early model classic automobiles. VISIT auto classic led HERE Shown is an assortment of pages from the site as well as actual product and instructionals. Scope of this project includes: • Website layout and design • …

Character Cars

Car character This is a personal project to give character to ordinary cars through pushing the already organic shapes to the extream. The original photos were found online in various places by various photographers specifically chosen for this personal project. Scope of this project includes: • Photoshop image manipulation • Re-drawn shapes with illustrator then imported …

3D Prototype design Sk8

Autodesk Fusion 360 Autodesk is the world leader in 3d computing graphics software. This is a product prototype design and rendering that puts the power of this software on full display. Visit them here: AUTODESK  

Jolly Roger Dragsters

Jolly Roger Dragster Branding Rob Jackson, owner of the Jolly Roger resturant chain needed to brand his dragster. Me being a fan of the sport, and him being the man of the sport worked up a skull and wrench graphic to fit the persona of his chain and represent his drag team. Rob recently took …

Car show flyer

Car show flyer I try to knock out at least one or two car show flyer each season. Shown here are a couple of examples that I really like. The fathers day is flyer is always one of my favorite flyers to do, but this particular flyer I really find appealing due to the monochromatic …

3D Prototype Design Radio Flyer

Most of my 3D work is done using Autodesk Fusion 360. Each year I try to get registered to at least one 3D modeling or Adobe class to help keep my skills sharp in the industry of design and branding. This is a prototype project. Scope of this project includes: • 3d Modeling in Fusion360 software