Lundberg Case study

Lundberg Family Farms Rice

Committed to producing the finest quality rice and rice products for your family since 1937.
I have been involved in many package design projects with Lundberg in connection with Brand Rapid Design.

Shown here is the assorted rice re-brand.
Challenge #1
Previously these products were sold in bags. By stacking the product in bags, they were loosing 80% of the selling face.
By changing the packaging to be a vertical zip lock pouch, we regained 100% of the selling face and earning more shelve space through sales growth.
Challenge #2
The original color palette was subdued and did not command attention from the consumer.
The color palette was updated by cleaning up the CYMK recipe to contain no black making the color POP! By using no more than a 3 color CYMK mix (Ideally 1 or 2) a brighter more vibrant color is achieved.
Challenge #3
The copy needed to be worked out in every way. The use of black copy on a colored background was not working to deliver the message appropriately.
Some of the face copy was redundant and did not need to exist on the new packages.
Anton Kimball of Brand Rapid Design hand sketched the product titles of each flavor, I then Scanned in these sketches and digitized them in Adobe Illustrator. Once the titles were cleaned up and finalized, I placed them on each package to balance the design.
Challenge #4
On the new packages, toward the top of each pouch there is a space void of information to allow clearance for the zip lock feature. This void created an opportunity to be creative!
We gave each product its own monochromatic colored repeat pattern. This not only added interest to the package, it also created a unique identifier in addition to the color.

These updates lead to what started out as 6 products, lead to a family of 24! This also gained Lundberg much more shelve space in the retail market.



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